About us

Gestüt an der Schlei: Stallion station  Breeding – Sales – Horse pension

The Gestüt an der Schlei is a family owned Horse breeding farm in the heart of the Angeln countryside.

We breed healthy, high-performance riing and sport horses. Our lively and dynamic horses are particular suitable for eventing and stand for long time success both nationally and internationl.

The geographic location in the north of Germany near the Danish border between North and Baltic Sea, under the influence of wind, sun, water and sea, offers best climatic conditions for successful hoeser breeding and horse keeping.


To bread for our customers healthy and highly suitable horses for the sport we place great emphasis on animal welfare, natural breeding and good training. For this reason, we operate our own stallion and insemination station with selected stallions. We make sure that our horses have enought time and motion for health development during rearing. The training of the sport horses is exclusivly undertaken by professionals and adjusted to the customers needs. 

Another business of the stud is the horse pension and pension rearing. Here we offer many attractive inducidual offers and implementation options.

Our equestrian facility includes:

  • plasures near the stud,
  • a riding hall,
  • a young horse playpen,
  • a walker,
  • a semen collection center,
  • an open stable for broodmares,
  • a paved playpen for young horses,
  • and winter paddocks.
The resulting work is mostly done by family members and contractors. We also offer a wilde range of services for horse penstion and pension rearing.