Breeding concept

We breed riding horses that are clear in the mind, approach with confidence to new tasks, had plenty of time to develop, and sport horses (especially eventing horses) of whole blood and half-blood stallions in order to ensure the necessary hardness, liveliness and the forward thrust for the equestrian sport.

To achieve this goal, we have various forms of rearing, which are used over time from the foal to the riding horse. These include group stables and open stables, but also lots of natural physical exercise and high quality feed.

The mares that we use for breeding are mostly belonging to the Holsteiner and Oldenburg breed. We did breed our current broodmares and their mothers ourselves, or kept older broodmares at the end of their riding career as a gene reseve. We therefore have reached a lot of experience with proper mating in combination with our stallions to ensure the desired inheritance and quality.